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The presentations and a link to the short course on 15 December have been added to the event page, photos have been added as well.

Photos and a short account (below) of the Phd Day have been added

Welcome to the home page of BMS / ANed
This is the joint home page of two scientific professional associations:
BMS – Biometric Section of the Dutch Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVS);
ANed – Dutch region of the International Biometric Society (IBS).
BMS and ANed have joined forces to promote the study and application of statistics in medicine, life sciences and related fields. BMS-ANed organizes scientific conferences, but we also manage the national Register of Biostatisticians in order to guarantee professional standards.
Every two years, ANed gives the Biometry Award to the best publication in the field of biometry. BMS-ANed also participates in the organization of the biennial international Channel Network Conference.
Moreover, our working groups organize meetings regarding various subdisciplines of biostatistics.
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Announcements and Calls

(added December 22, 2017):
Nominations for the Hans van Houwelingen award 2018 are now open! See for more details below.

(added September 5, 2017):

Leiden hosts the seventh annual international conference Survival Analysis for Junior Researchers from April 24-26. See below for more information.

BMS / ANed Events
 Future events    
 Date  Event  Location
 Past events    
 Date  Event  Location
 Dec 15, 2017
 BMS-ANed Winter Meeting 2017 "Statistical Analysis of Medical Imaging"  Leiden (NL)
 Oct 10, 2017  PhD Biostatistics day 2017  Rotterdam (NL)
 June 6, 2017
 BMS-ANed Spring Meeting 2017   Leiden (NL)
 Jan 20, 2017  BMS-ANed Winter Meeting "Biostatistics for the Future"  Amsterdam (NL)
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Other events
 Future events    
 Date   Event  Location 
 Mar 28-29, 2018  Annual Meeting of the VVS-OR  Utrecht (NL)
 Apr 24-26, 2018  International conference Survival Analysis for Junior Researchers  Leiden (NL)
 Jul 8-13, 2018  International Biometric Conference  Barcelona (ESP)
 Past events    
 Date   Event  Location 
 Apr 24-26, 2017
 Channel Network Conference   Hasselt (BE) 
 Mar 23, 2017
 Annual Meeting of the VVS-OR  Utrecht (NL)
 Jul 10-15, 2016  International Biometric Conference  Victoria (CA)
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Job announcements

To request an advertisement on the website of the BMS-ANed and/or a notification on the LinkedIn page, please contact the webmaster of BMS-ANed ( The costs are 100 euros for an advertisement on the BMS-ANed website. A LinkedIn notification is free of costs.

Announcements and calls details
Call for nominations for the Hans van Houwelingen Award 2018 - Friday, December 22, 2017

Every two years BMS-ANed organizes a competition for the best paper in a refereed journal in the biostatistics and biometric field published by a person employed in the Netherlands and/or with a Dutch nationality. Since 2016, this award is called the Hans van Houwelingen Award. 

This time the award will cover biostatistics and biometrical papers published during the years 2016 and 2017 and is now open for (self) nominations. Nominations – including a PDF of the paper – should be send before January 31, 2018 to the secretaris of the BMS-ANed board: The board encourages people to nominate his or her own paper. The paper's first author has to be employed by a Dutch institution (as indicated on the paper) or has to have the Dutch nationality. Only one 'first author' paper can be submitted per person.

The winning paper will be chosen by an international jury installed by the board of BMS-ANed. Further conditions and previous winners of the Hans van Houwelingen Award can be found on this page

PhD day newsflashPhD day newsflash - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The PhD Day for biostatistics 2017 was a success! On 10 October 2017 many PhD students – 24 to be precise – from all over the Netherlands gathered at the Erasmus MC for a day filled with social and scientific activities. The day started with the co-editor of Biostatistics with a talk on how to get your papers published. For both junior and senior PhD students this is one of the main challenges of their PhD life. It boils down to two principles: 1) don’t feel bad if your paper is rejected, you’re part of the majority and 2) never stop trying, you’ll succeed eventually! The second part of the morning session was reserved for three recent graduates (the brave survivers). They all had their specific experiences and “horror stories” to tell, and were very keen to answer all questions of the audience. But one thing was for sure: the PhD life is an unforgotten and worthwhile experience! After refuelling with a nice lunch it was time for the PhD students themselves to present their hard work. Work and results in many different research fields were shared, and everyone took part in the discussions. It appeared that a PhD in biostatistics not only teaches you how to maximize a likelihood, but also how joint analysis can be related to the famous cartoon ‘catdog’.

A big thank you to Sara Baart and Greg papageorgiou (from EMC) for co-organizing this event, and to BMS-ANed for sponsoring. The next edition is likely to be in two years, I hope to see you all there!

Said el Bouhaddani

Photos of the event may be found here

Seventh annual international conference Survival Analysis for Junior ResearchersSeventh annual international conference Survival Analysis for Junior Researchers - Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Leiden hosts the annual international conference Survival Analysis for Junior Researchers on 24-26 April, 2018. This conference is aimed at career-young statisticians with an interest in the application and development of time-to-event analysis and related topics. This three-day event provides a unique opportunity for participants to present and discuss their work with peers at a similar stage in their careers in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The event includes a tutorial on multi-state models by Prof. dr. Hein Putter (Leiden University Medical Center), talks from keynote speakers Dr. Maja Pohar Perme (University of Ljubljana) and Dr. Birgit Witte (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam), as well as poster sessions, a welcome reception and a conference dinner!

The conference aims to bring together researchers and statisticians working in different areas of survival analysis who are in the early stages of their career. This includes:

-       Career-young researchers and statisticians

-       Post-docs

-       PhD students

-       Postgraduate students

Anyone who does not consider themselves “career-young” is also welcome to attend and present their work.

More information can be found on the conference website

Hein Putter is awarded the Biometry Award 2016 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On the 24th of June, during the Spring meeting, Hein Putter was awarded the Hans van Houwelingen Award 2016. The award is given for the paper:

Putter, H. and Van Houwelingen, H.C. (2015). Dynamic frailty models based on compound birth-death processes. Biostatistics, 16, 550-564

They justify their choice with the following:

"This is a very innovative paper that proposes a time-dependent frailty model with a new class of frailty processes. The work is theoretically compelling and from a more applied point of view, the impact of  the frailty distribution on marginal hazard and hazard ratio is also highlighted. It has the  potential to inspire more applied work."

In addition the jury has awarded an honoray mention to Dimitri Rizopoulos for the paper

Rizopoulos, D., Hatfield, L.A., Carlin, B.P. and Takkenberg, J.J.M. (2014). Combining dynamic predictions from joint models for longitudinal and time-to-event data using Bayesian model averaging. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109, 1385-1397

with the following reasoning:

"This is a comprehensive presentation of  flexible joint models for individual dynamic prediction with innovative proposal for doing prediction using time-dependent Bayesian model-averaging. Well written paper with interesting applications and simulations illustrating the usefulness of this  methodology."

The jury consisted of Nicole Augustin (Bath), Hélène Jacqmin-Gaddan (Bordeaux) and Sach Mukherjee (Cambridge).  

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